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The standard shop minimum for tattooing is $80.00.

The prices for tattoo work varies for each individual piece. All kinds of things can determine the cost of a tattoo, including, but not limited to: size of image, amount of detail, whether or not its in color, style of work, location on body, etc. Each artist is different, and is responsible for their own pricing.

Smaller pieces can be quoted a flat price, while larger pieces or tattoos requiring multiple sessions will average about $120 – $140 per hour depending on the artist. The only way to get an accurate price quote on a tattoo is simply to come in and ask us.

You must be at least 18 years old with photo identification to receive a tattoo. Minors are not allowed to receive tattoos, even if parental consent is given. This is a Texas State Law. No exceptions.

Body Piercing

All body piercing prices include the piercing, standard initial jewelry and aftercare supplies. You must be at least 18 years old with photo identification to receive a piercing. Minors are allowed to receive age appropriate piercings as long as a parent or documented legal guardian is present. The minor and the parent/legal guardian must both bring photo identification. If there are different last names, we will also need a copy of the minor’s birth certificate. This is a Texas State Law. No exceptions.

Genital piercings: Please contact a piercer for details.

For piercings not listed, or other variations, please contact a piercer at the studio.

Earlobe $32 one, $52 pair
Ear Cartilage (Helix) $32 one, $52 pair
Tragus $52 one, $82 pair
Daith $52 one, $82 pair
Rook $52 one, $82 pair
Conch $52 one, $82 pair
Industrial $72
Navel $52 (+$10 for colorful titanium or jewel)
Tongue $52
Nostril $42 - $47
Eyebrow $42 (ring), $42 (barbell)
Labret $52
Lip $42
Septum $52 ring, $62 circular barbell
Nipple (18+) $62 one, $82 pair with barbells
Female Genital (18+) Starts at $102 (Vertical hood, Horizontal hood, Inner or Outer labia, Christina, etc.)
Male Genital (18+) Starts at $102 (Prince Albert, Frenum, Guiche, Ampallang, Apadravya, etc.)


 $70 for the first one, $30 for each one after that. (includes jewelry)